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High Command



Not that many people know that ArmA has basically an RTS mode called High Command.

A soldier who is part of high command gets a special view to see troops with group type markers, both friendlies and spotted enemies.

They can issue commands to squad leaders, however the leaders themselves have to decide how to approach those tasks with their squad.

This way you can e.g. play alone or against someone else and have whole armies clash against each other with only 1 human controlling them.


My suggestion now is, maybe it is possible to combine High Command with I&A to make it less chaotic.

The basic I&A game consists of people spawning in, loading their gear, jumping in heli, running around in AO, then die... rinse and repeat, more or less.

Especially vehicles are kind of "wasted" as they either just stand around in base, or are used by a single person to get somewhere, then left behind.

Maybe it's possible to make better use of equipment and make people do side missions more reliable, if there is someone who points out priority targets without telling people exactly how to do it.


Now, I've played High Command a bit with a friend back then, but tbh, I'm not very good at it.

However, I'm sure some of you are more capable.

And even if you think this is a dumb idea or that you can do all of that with Zeus already, still, check out High Command.

It's actually quite neat as a singleplayer mode in ArmA.

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Some select few know about high command. But have you ever tried to use that? It's pure horror. Now thats with AI, I don't really want to know what random public server players would do, sooooooooo yea.


Leaving out the uhhhh EU1 spirit, players are just attacking uncoordinated defenses, there really isn't much to coordinate at EU1's AI setting.

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@ansin11, I'm not saying High Command is perfect, by gosh no, but calling it pure horror is a bit much imo.

I also think it came a long way, so after you get used to it, it actually works decent with AI.

My point was, if there is a squad which actually does follow the chain of command, this would give admins / community members a way to point out targets via an already built in module of ArmA.

It's not very intrusive as team leaders simply get an additional marker, which they may or may not follow and normal players don't see it at all.

And since it's not an external mod, I doubt it would be too much of a hassle to implement it.

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The implementation is

  1. Place module
  2. Synch module to the high command unit

But I can't really make any predictions about what players are gonna do there; I mean it would feel stupid for the guy in the slot if nobody followed his orders.

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Currently the nature of I&A is:

On 28-11-2017 at 10:28 AM, tecHunt said:

spawning in, loading their gear, jumping in heli, running around in AO, then die... rinse and repeat, more or less


For the more tactical stuff we currently have AWE.  On EU1 you can just do what you want when you want how you want (assuming it's within the rules).  There is currently nobody in command and that's intentional.  


Also AFAIK high command is only intended for situations where you want to be controlling a lot of AI.  You don't really need it for humans as they can follow spoken orders or messages send over chat.


Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that a more team-based approach to I&A would be bad.  We just currently don't offer it.

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