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Vortex and Team Speak.


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I move that using Team Speak be made mandatory for pilots on EU1. I believe it will make communication more efficient and hopefully also improve the experience for the ground troops due to this. There is even a slim chance that the quality of pilots will be slightly better if they smart enough to use TS. :)


I do realize this goes against the spirit of EU1 where anyone should be able to do anything freely.

What do you guys think?

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This has been a question that keeps coming up. I see where you're coming from but it just isn't possible. With EU1+2 being a public server, we cant force certain players to use Teamspeak, they quite simply won't, or they will just leave and find another server.


The group VON works better than it used to in the past, so pilots can speak to each other if necessary


How can we moderate it? Our RCON limits us to only being able to see who is on, not their slot. It would require someone to be in-game to check if they are in a pilot slot or not.



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  Honestly, when piloting, I'm constantly switching between direct, vehicle, group chat channels and typing in side... adding in Teamspeak for the convenience of the 2-3 non-pilots on there is just too much. It's commonly accepted, in game, not to talk in the global channels so people can hear important chatter in squad. To me Teamspeak is just another global channel where chatter can prevent me from hearing important info from vortex squad on placement of enemy AA, and who's en-route to pick up outlying squads to/from side etc.


  As Chuck says, TS made sense when the in-game VON sucked.

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