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Old man, new player


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Short story: 39 year old gamer with a love for bad dad-jokes and spending too much time arguing with myself. Normally I play with a Danish clan, but ever since I started with Arma my need for gametime have just increased. So I stumpled upon this place looking for more and now I'm looking forward to getting to know you and the playstyle here. 

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2 hours ago, NinjaDane said:

How about the AWE-server?

The AWE server is the same mate, feel free to join whenever you fancy. AWE is a great place for ArmA players looking for a bit slower paced, more thoughtfully-tactical gameplay like setting up FOBs and conducting patrols (rewarded with intense firefights and unscripted, progressive objectives of course).


EU#1 is great for large scale, fairly simplistic action and harmless fun.

Both are great to satisfy your tastes.


Just keep in mind that AWE does have a lower average player count, but once the ball starts rolling it is a pretty incredible experience. Teamwork and coherence is a key expectation on AWE but only to the extent that it's still fun for each individual.



Hope to see you on either at some point.




(Recent screenshots)


Receiving orders



Foot patrol



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