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PC upgrade options 1080 GTX vs I7-8700K

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Hi peeps!


Perhaps that anybody with more knowledge or the same setup can help me out.


My employer will give me a income tax benefit (2018) for about 750 euro to spend on computerparts.

Iam looking to upgrade in the next few months, but I am not sure what I should upgrade that would give me the most benefit in gameplay.


Currently I have:


I5-6600K @4.1ghz. 16Gigs ram.


27" 1080p 60hz monitor samsung syncmaster P2770.

Samsung SSD's.


According to CPUID Monitor my videocard and CPU are usually 100% utilized when I game. (DCS World, Xplane, Arma3, Total War)


What would benefit me most?

A new motherboard, I7-8700k and new ram or something like a GTX 1080? Or wait till the new Nvidia lineup comes along in 2018?


Thanks :)

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"Yeah, I sold my second screen; never used it anyway, had to go." - Nobody. Ever.


Personally I always skip a year when it comes to graphics cards. Don't wanna spend that money staying on the cutting edge all the time, and I never go for the flagship cards, I always go for the 70, but even those are getting crazy expensive thanks to cryptocurrencies these days.


I can't speak for DCS and Xplane, but both ArmA 3 and the Warhammers of Total War are notorious for not utilising the CPU too well. It's unlikely in the extreme that a CPU upgrade would avail you with those two games.

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If you are sticking with 1080 gaming that set up is pretty much fine, dependant on memory available.


You could upgrade the GPU and it should kick most games arses at 1080p.


Second monitor as mentioned, always a good call.

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