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PC upgrade options 1080 GTX vs I7-8700K


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Hi peeps!


Perhaps that anybody with more knowledge or the same setup can help me out.


My employer will give me a income tax benefit (2018) for about 750 euro to spend on computerparts.

Iam looking to upgrade in the next few months, but I am not sure what I should upgrade that would give me the most benefit in gameplay.


Currently I have:


I5-6600K @4.1ghz. 16Gigs ram.


27" 1080p 60hz monitor samsung syncmaster P2770.

Samsung SSD's.


According to CPUID Monitor my videocard and CPU are usually 100% utilized when I game. (DCS World, Xplane, Arma3, Total War)


What would benefit me most?

A new motherboard, I7-8700k and new ram or something like a GTX 1080? Or wait till the new Nvidia lineup comes along in 2018?


Thanks :)

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"Yeah, I sold my second screen; never used it anyway, had to go." - Nobody. Ever.


Personally I always skip a year when it comes to graphics cards. Don't wanna spend that money staying on the cutting edge all the time, and I never go for the flagship cards, I always go for the 70, but even those are getting crazy expensive thanks to cryptocurrencies these days.


I can't speak for DCS and Xplane, but both ArmA 3 and the Warhammers of Total War are notorious for not utilising the CPU too well. It's unlikely in the extreme that a CPU upgrade would avail you with those two games.

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