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Reunited with an old friend...


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4 hours ago, Lindi said:

Error 404 " The requested URL was not found on this server. ":huh::lol: Looks like only you have permission to view that link/image:wacko:


4 hours ago, Lindi said:

got no idea how to post pics on the forum.

In the top bar of the forums click on "Player Tools" -> "Gallery" -> "Add Images" -> select the album/category it belongs to -> choose files by selecting them or drag + drop -> give them a title and/or description -> upload them!:)



Best regards

Noah :)


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5 minutes ago, Lindi said:

Maybe dropbox works better

Should work. Just hover over the picture click share -> create link -> copy link and then post the link in here :) *Edit*: Ok, you already figuered that out as I see:lol::)

5 minutes ago, Lindi said:

None of the categories in the forum picture albums really felt appropriate.

You can also post it just in the "General" album. So it won´t be in one of the four subsections of it but instead only in general.:)


No problem!  :)

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