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Based on feedback from the user base, we are going to schedule standing community meetings - twice per month.  We've found community meetings are quite useful in bringing up issues that sometimes don't make it to the forums.


The meetings are open to all users of Ahoyworld, be it on the public or modded servers, guests or regular members alike.


The dates for these meetings will generally be: the first Saturday of every month, and the third Friday of every month. The days are staggered so that people with different schedules will be able to attend at least one meeting per month. We're still working out the exact timing, and the meeting will run for at least an hour: times will be flexible based on peoples' availability (I'm thinking we open a TS channel, and drop-in, drop-out as your schedule permits). As many staff as can attend will be there, and meeting minutes will be posted on the forum for public follow-up.


That makes this coming Friday, November 17, the inaugural meeting, 8PM GMT.


And we'll try to follow up the meeting with a zeus op or custom game night, as available!




- Ryko

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I'd like to add that the purpose of these meetings is to be progressive and constructive. There will be limited tolerance for the airing of past grievances, inasmuch as they have any bearing on moving forward. 


If you have a problem with staff or a player, there are already confidential tools in place for raising those concerns. 

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Unfortunately i can't be there due to the 12 Gig's update
This meeting is on our teamspeak server.

Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.

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