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Ahoy World servers running with Anti-Hack


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So as in recent events the Ahoy World has adapted to the stressful days and developed a working way to deal with the hackers. As of now we're running the measurements publicly on our EU server. 


We invite you all to come and take a peek, still marching strong.

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I was able to play for about 10 minutes until it got scripted again :(


Are you sure there's a guy executing it directly on your server? As you may already know this script has a "viral" feature, all the players on the server where the script is executed get infected and they pass the script to all the other players on all the servers they join. So the people executing the script on your server may be just victims that got infected on another server, not necessarily a real scripter or the people behind this attack.


I read that this kind of hack is not caused by a bug, but it's just part of the game design used maliciously, it also happened on previous Arma version that doesn't use BattleEye.


I am sure the community will find a way to block it, at least until we have an anti cheat engine.

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