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BlizzCon 2017


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I did notice that this morning, yes, and you'd be correct in that it did pique my interest.


So many questions remain unanswered. There is essentially no chance that I would even consider returning to WoW as I played it in its heyday, but if the cost can be justified, there's the possibility of running through the old world once again.


Perhaps a Dwarf Hunter.

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Done 3-years heavy duty during late Vanila and Burning Crusade and it was good.

Then at the eve of Lich King they brought in "daily hubs" (Sunwell was the first) and hamster-wheel grind of dailies began.

Then with LK they brought in "Achievments" and I seen guildmates care more about chasing them then common guild activities.


no thx Blizz


I'm trying FF XIV now. The main story quest (the length of it) was driving me nuts during vanila content, but Heavensward and Bloodstorm expansions have some great story to it, and there is million things to do in that game.


PS: my BE Warlock was eating Dwarf Hunters for breakfast, just saying.. :P

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Best time I had was Burning Crusade, rocking a Shadow Priest for progression raiding.

Words can't describe how crazy Shadows were at that time. Very competitive damage scaling until a good part into Black Temple; plus Vampiric Touch.

Most balanced point was probably 3.3.0 when ICC was introduced. I was rolling a Protadin at that time.

By Cataclysm class mechanics were getting samey, culminating with Pandaria, when every class was basically rendered identical.


Lock the world of Cataclysm to lvl 80, and use WotLK mechanics. Best case scenario IMO :)


Unfortunately, PvP has always been rock-paper-scissors in WoW. I had fun doing World PvP in Classic; because it was a grudge fest and could result in the entire population of a server slugging it out in Ashenvale for no other reason than a completely insane escalation after one Alt got ganked by some dude from the other factions designated Gank-guild.


PvP servers all the way though. PvP breeds observant PvE'ers :P

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