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[SOP] IFAK and medical first response.

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IFAK Contents




2x packing

2x basic

2x QuikClot

1x CAT



Upon wounded


Immediately call out that you’ve been hit and seek cover.

Check for injuries and quickly apply tourniquets to limbs to stem bloodloss and shift focus onto possible head and torso wounds. These are for buying yourself time, but never a permanent treatment.


Packing bandages are your go-to solution for the most common inflictions, meaning medium and large velocity wounds and avulsions, but are also great for other high bleed-rate injuries like large cuts.

Bear in mind that wounds treated with packing bandages are likely to reopen, but only after quite some time, so these bridge the gap between returning to the fight and seeking the Corpsman afterwards.


Basic bandages substitute for a lack of packing, but are also great for small and medium, lower-priority wounds such as lacerations and abrasions.

They have a better chance of keeping a wound shut, but if their wounds do reopen, they do so much quicker than with packing.


QuikClots are excellent for any and all small wounds, but also as the last bit to seal a large avulsion after packing has been applied but wasn’t enough to stop the bleeding entirely. Their chance to reopen is miniscule, but it takes a lot of them to cover up a larger wound.


Once all injuries have been dealt with, remove any tourniquets that would otherwise impede blood flow, then evaluate your own pain threshold and call for morphine if necessary.


(Optional piece of info: Elastics are near worthless for riflemen, unless immediate intensive care is available, i.e., the corpsman is nearby. They close wounds exceptionally well, but will fall off after a mere minute or two.)


(If you feel like absorbing literally all the info you can get on Advanced Medical, here’s a guide for dedicated medics. It should have all major points about treatments and procedures: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/8319-guide-ace-advanced-medical/ )

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