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[AWE][GAMENIGHT] Operation Red Mist on 11/11/2017 at 19:30 GMT


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Event Date: 11/11/2017


Event Time: 19:30 GMT


Mission Name: Operation Red Mist


Brief Summary: The United States Marine Corps marines stationed on the military base of Bozcaada is lacking supplies. The only way to regain supplies is by clearing an MSO and eliminating the AA threat on the harbor.


Cover Image: 59eb286b6efd3_gamenightcover.jpg.7bfc85a9ea815963e99422f7707433ab.jpg


Player slots: 29 BLUFOR (USMC) VS AI Independent (MEI) + ZEUS


Expected Mission Length: 2 hours


Mods required: Standard issued AWE modpack


Server slots: 30

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