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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Prometheus Series - OP: Erebus - by KPJ

Karate Pyjamas

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When : Saturday 21th October, 1845 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  


Server: EU3/AWE


Briefing / Planning: 1830 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)

Mission Start: 1900 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  


Map: Altis

Mods: Standard AWE


First person lock: No

Loadouts: Pre-set with limited supplies

Respawns: Yes

Mission Length: ~120 minutes.


Factions: BLUFOR (USMC) vs OPFOR (SPA, Russian equipped)


JIP: Available

Number of Slots: 40-ish (with 2 Zeus operator)


Sign Up Link: https://goo.gl/forms/ucFwhhyo2BbmnzfQ2


  • We need at least 2 very capable pilots, so if you have the skills, please don't forget to choose a pilot slot!
  • The QRF teams will be handpicked from those who would like to give it a shot. This does not go by the regular "first come - first serve" rule I try to maintain.

Current Roster, definitely not finalhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j_HAHwvWTaZDPi812aJrY7ISU1X7-ce_L81kYVbFUlA/edit?usp=sharing




The SPA training camp in the north has been overrun by BluFor. We've fought an uphill battle through the woods resulting in many casualties. Luckily that number didn't rise any further thanks to our capable engineers who cut a path through a nasty minefield while under fire by rogue patrols. When BluFor reached the training camp they systematically cleared out the buildings and kept a proper 360 to all entrances to the camp, until the SPA started shelling the place. The SPA had set up some artillery in a nearby ancient castle to target their training camp when it was being attacked. The artillery was quickly localised and BluFor launched an attack on the ruins, clearing it from hostile forces.


Mission brief:


Intel gathered from the training camp raised many red flags in the southern Altis peninsula, high ranking officers are holding up in a variety of smaller compounds. We haven't cleared the road up to the peninsula far enough to cut off further road access and escape routes.    


Therefore SpecOps teams Vanguard and Sentinel are deployed with littlebirds where Vortex 1 and Vortex 2 will juggle them between as many of the compounds as possible, arrest high SPA officials and take out any hostile forces in their way. Meanwhile, BluFor forces will start clearing out towns leading to the peninsula to act as a distraction and to cut off potential escape routes.

Due to the high number of casualties on our last mission, our engineers have rapidly constructed a sterile environment at base to be used for medical emergencies. One of our UH-60 Blackhawks has been converted for MEDEVAC. Larger road vehicles have been equipped with basic medical supplies and life-support devices to provide rapid aid to troops in the field, greatly increasing their chances of survival.



Any questions, comments or suggestions should be posted below.

P.s. Prometheus will run for two more weeks.




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So I wonder if anyone noticed that all the mission names are related to what you are to expect?


Prometheus - meaning "Forethought". The Storyline for these missions was written in August of 2016, everything was carefully planned ahead including preparation for sign-ups and mission files.

Pegasus - The Flying Horse, the first mission of Prometheus, which dropped all you lovely soldiers in by parachute, the beginning of this great endeavour. Pegasus was the C-130 carrying you under his wings.


Achilles - Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. The mission where you had to convoy your way up north to fight of the SPA, your first vulnerable steps onto Altis mainland.

Poseidon - The deity you brought an offer before embarking across the Pyrgos gulf to make a successful beach landing, clearing out 3 different towns like the mighty trident of Poseidon striking them all at once!

Atlas - He who carries the sky for all eternity, the assault on the Altis airfield. Securing a stronghold on Altis and enabling us to get resupplied with more and better gear.

Cronus - The Titan of the harvest, the mission where we crept up the earth towards a rich and fertile ground capable of spawning many more SPA fighters. Only to overthrow it, much like Cronus' son Zeus had done to become the leader himself.

Now what would the last two be?

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