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[AWE][GAMENIGHT] Operation Hot and Humid on 04/11/2017 at 6:30 GMT


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Event Date: 11/04/2017


Event Time: 18:30 GMT


Mission Name: Operation Hot and Humid


Brief Summary: As a US Army platoon stationed on the Paracel Islands to the east of Vietnam, during the height of the Vietnam conflict, conduct and early morning patrol of known NVA positions. Multiple caches, over watches, fire-bases, and depots have been spotted in your patrol route. Infantry resistance along with limited vehicle and mortar support are in the area, friendly CAS is not available.
Objectives: Patrol to the West of fire base Zulu and destroy any enemy positions. Return safely to Patrol Base Zulu.
Notes: Respawning and Reinserts will be done by a squad-spawn system, where the player is able to spawn on his SL in the field.
Equipment is time accurate to the best of the abilities of the current mod pack (weapons, optics, body armor, and radios are very limited)
Also this conflict is fictionalized as I am not sure of the history of the Vietnam War and the Paracel Islands.


Cover Image: patrouille-amc3a9ricaine-lors-de-la-guerre-du-vietnam-en-1967.jpg.1bd6952b2563956108fd1583fae448e2.jpg


Player slots: 26


Expected Mission Length: 2-2.5 hrs


Mods required: apex


Server slots: 27

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7 minutes ago, Bartlett said:

I maybe having a blonde moment but I cannot see the sign-up form any chance you can send it too me?

On 31-10-2017 at 1:59 PM, BenjaminHL said:

Roles are just first come first serve


I don't think anyone can do that :D


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On 11/2/2017 at 3:58 PM, Colsta said:

For Europeans: do note this isn't in April.

Aw, already booked the date. :( Though I will probably be sleeping at 6:30 GMT anyway. :D


Mission looks interesting, though Original Sin 2 might take over that evening. Will see.


Oh, forgot its BlizzCon stream for me this weekend. Have fun guys.


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On 11/2/2017 at 3:32 PM, Lindi said:

I will try to be there, not 100% sure yet if I can. Seems like a very interesting mission to me!

Gona have to bail, a choice between the wife being mad at me or me getting to a game night. :) 

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Guest Bartlett

Honestly..... my  first thought when we loaded  in was 'ugh'... ironsights :/ .... then after our first engagement and how close it was I quickly adapted to the sights and quickly became a fan of them.... really enjoyed the gamenight it was very different.... 1 sights which brought the distance of a firefight that close if we ran out of ammo we could have had a fist fight instead :) 2 gameplay ..... we chose to walk instead of run for a few reasons, we didn't have ctabs so we could easily get lost if we move to fast  and 2 walking gave us such a better reaction time to the close engagements..... I honestly thing that running/jogging pace is for the impatient and doing it this way is better for all eu3 gameplay and I hope th see more of it.... excellent game Ben really enjoyed it .... just wish we had the ironfront mod for this or maybe for any future games???

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8 hours ago, BenjaminHL said:

currently working on a 1980s US Army GN. It will have the same type of ironsight and general limitations that came with this one. I will have to talk with karate but hopefully, it will be soon. 

I´m calling dibs for the shotgun-slot:lol:;)

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Great op, and shows how Tanoa and its lush vegetation significantly changes the range of engagements.

Basically no long-range sniping the enemy before engaging > no need for Zeus to mortar shell us for camping.


The problem with inability to see AI that shoots at you throu vegetation is ofc here, but seems less pronounced then other maps, maybe because the vegetation in this map is so thick it often prevens even AI from engaging.

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Hey, That was my first OP on ArmA3,  it was nice and it was awesome to think how to do an vietnam war OP with only the mods of AWE.
I came a little bit late so I didn't got the briefing and I didn't understood what to do in a first time.

I also have to get use to interaction menu and AWE specificity.

I learned very well the principle of spacing XD thanks to 1 F mine.

(Funny things: Vietcongs where black guys ;D )

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  • David changed the title to [AWE][GAMENIGHT] Operation Hot and Humid on 04/11/2017 at 6:30 GMT

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