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tactical greetings


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Hi Ahoyworld, I am cenosie and i play Arma 3 for a short time. I chose this location because it runs a coop mission, the server is well managed and here i found an English community. I didn´t used English the last ten years but now i want to refresh it. I am also interested in tactical interactions with other members in ts or on the I&A server. I hadn´t a real military training, only 9 month in the common conscription as truck driver. I would like to see you in the field.


Arma 3 Profilename: Cenosie

Battlefield 3/Origin ID: Grand_Theft_ikki

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Hi danne, yes you met me in game :rolleyes: and ts. But my first profile was Xeno and then Xenosia. I changed it because it is easier for all to pronounce "Cen...". Communication is a key for a successful teamplay, i think you know what i mean.

But my ArmA 3 Version is unclean concerning the BIS-Hack (flying around until "it is discussed in forum blabla"). I don´t want to infect the AW-Server and i didn´t found any solution in the developer forum.

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a permanent solution is still up in the air, however if you reboot your ARMA, and clear your cache (steam-->validate game files) the hack should be cleared from your memory, and you can still try to join the action on a password protected or otherwise clean server, untill you got infected again atleast :P

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