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Hello Everyone


While self-educating me about ARMA3 I came across some Lutens Video and he mentioned AW a few time so when I start MP I would give it a go. Concerned about how I would fit in large groups without any experience I choose a sniper and joined EU1. Half an hour later, a friendly voice was approaching introducing him salve as my spotter for tonight. I was able to learn a lot from him and saved my live by carried me over a long distance after I was shot and I was happy with 15 points that night.

Next time (with knowledge of zeroing the scope and some hour's offline training) a sniper place was free so I hopped in again. This time I had to search for my spotter and we got two AO passing by without a single shot fired. Therefore, we choose our next spot more wisely on top of a hill. Luckily for us the enemy was engaged from BLUFOR from the side and we were 0.9klicks out and so the shooting begun. A lot of time when I hit a target, my spotter did to and so we could clear out a whole strip for the approaching troops. On the next mission, the enemy was 1.2klicks out in a hill and I could train once more and was pleased with over 50 points this evening. My spotter was eager to know his points and was shocked he had only 5! Therefore, he thought he was hitting my targets lol.

Some Spotting and Marksmen followed and with one opportunity to go on a round with a experienced crew on a KUMA tank until we were shot twice by a friendly and while repairing finished off by an enemy so this ended quite unfortunately.

Next step was trying a vortex, but those spots are very hard to get and so my chance came this week at closing hours. So I got me a black fish and hopped to the near mission base and picked up 5 guys. While approaching the AO a Tigris hit me hard and I fell down like a stone from the Sky. Oh men, what an intro in to piloting. Luckily, I was able to crash-land the dead bird and everyone was able to walk away unharmed so it was at least a successful landing right?

Back on the spawn, I got my hand on a humming bird and flue it to the base. After that, I introduced me like "Hi, im your pilot for today and this is my first MP session as a vortex ". The next two runs where pickups back to base so no real danger and one delivery to the side mission. On the next run to the AO the passenger some funny comments in the vehicle chat after the introduction and they told me "it's not a shame to use auto hover" and so on, so I assume they were quite scared to be in my Chopper and faced certain death. On the way to the LZ I was hit by some shots, so I flew even lower so I could fit between the trees until we were clear of the AO area and towards the open sea. Then I got (IMHO) the wonderful comment that they were scared a lot when saw how close I flew over the ground witch I tock as a compliment. On the turn back to the island, I experienced a timeout. OK, probably not that bad, I mean you can't crash wen this.... oh, you can, so back to the base again. Therefore, after a few more trips and a refueling it was time to call it a day.


I have read a lot about some bad examples, how newbies got threaten on MP on other games but I experienced a lot of team spirit, players tuck there time to explain me a lot to help me to get better and where forgiving when I made a mistake. So thank you for that welcome and I hope I will find some time to play on EU1 and maybe AWE in the future.


Best regards and see you on the field


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