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Afternoon all,


I'm Jack (if my name didn't already give that away.) 


Used to play on the Ahoyworld servers a bit ago, then uninstalled ARMA. Redownloaded it and have been playing EU1 for the last few days. Ahoyworld servers have given me some of my favourite memories of playing ARMA 3 MP, especially when I&A is set to night time and there's a good chunk of players clearing the town. 


In game name is just "Jack" and I typically play the marksman role. I do enjoy playing a medic as well, so sometimes you might see me in that role. Getting a bit bored of just lone-wolfing it and following random folks around with no real squad gameplay though, so I might have to check EU3 out at some point.


I'm from the UK and can be on practically whenever. 

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10 minutes ago, PiranhA said:

Hello Jack, welcome here.


Hope to see you having fun here even more often. You also play other games?





Yeah, I'm pretty easy going so I'll play most things. CSGO, PUBG, Rocket League, GTAV, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Forza & Golf with Friends are some of what I've been playing recently. Waiting for the release of the new Star Wars Battlefront II as well.


What about you?

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