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Not many depending on what rifle it is in general; depends on a bunch of things including: what calibre, muzzle velocity, internal design of the suppressor and a load of other factors all the way down to ambient temperature.

That's the short of it as I understand but there's probably someone here with a lot more knowledge than me that can give a lot more detail

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The common problem with suppressors is carbon buildup both in the suppressor and the barrel; however, modern suppressors can fire as many rounds as the rifle itself before requiring service.


Modern suppressors aren't cheap, though, and unless combined with subsonic ammunition only serve to lessen muzzle flash and reduce noise levels from the 150-160 range to the 120-130 range.


Full-auto on a suppressor is very much possible, but given that suppressors are generally built to be as light as is possible, they do tend to overheat before the rest of the firearm, and this can permanently damage a suppressor on sustained fire.


Dumping a 200-round belt through a suppressed M249 is not conducive to the longevity of the firearm and suppressor.

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