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Civilian population



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Damage to civilians is not a danger on EU#1, it is a guarantee unfortunately due to the nature of EU#1. The usage and application of explosives, armour, CAS, etc. is simply too plentiful and reckless for civs to be present. Beside that and like @ansin11 pointed out, it would really cut into the performance of the server. but that is just my view....


EDIT: JUst thought about it, the messages about civs being killed every 5 seconds is going to annoy people faster than the topspeed of the flash. Just saying....


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just thought about it
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another additional late in time response purely offtopic from my side :


I always find it a critical point of mind when the mind(set) sets limits to existing (current) borders.

I find the addition of civilian AI (to certain missions) a step in the right direction.

That BI isnt able to integrate a workin continues civ AI module (behaviour) should NEVER stop the the thinkin of (custom) mission / objection makers.

Just because you might think its a "to much work for to less result" should never mean its not worth trying to achieve the goal.

Isnt that why EU3 / AWE is still running?



#civ cars

#service stations

#AI recruit

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I'm (slowly) added more civilians to (for now side) missions.  It's however not really the highest priority of the things i'm still have to do.  Things like finding ways to reduce teamkilling, fixing base protection, making sure missions are bug-free, ...  are higher up the todo list.  


Small spoiler: there will be a side mission about civilians in the next I&A update.  I can't really say when this is coming out because i'm tied up with real life things.  Hopefully in a week or 2-3, but i make no promises.  

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