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[AWE] General Conduct Training - 11/9/17


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Where? AWE!

When? Monday the 11th of September 7pm BST (What time is this for you?)

What? General Conduct training!


Please fill in this attendance form



Thank you all again for bearing with us on this guys!

On Monday we're going to be kicking off the next round of training by starting with general conduct.

New player or experienced, there'll be a lesson to learn for everyone here.


We will be covering...

  • Appropriate responses to orders
  • Things that could be disruptive to other players 
  • What it really means to play your role


As well as many other things!


A lot of this session is going to be talking. I wish there was a way to make it more interactive, but most of this is on paper typed learning. Regardless, I hope that this will help us all better understand the server and what is expected from each of us.


This will start at 7pm BST and run for as long as it needs to. Think long and hard about any questions you'd like answered about the server, as there will be a Q&A at the end!


Cheers for reading and see you there


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Guest EnragedTeddyBear

i will try to attend but i cant promis ill make it in time however i will join in late if it is okay with everyone attending

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