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Thank you!


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This post is entirely of my own choosing. Ahoyworld have not asked, requested, encouraged, forced, threatened or kidnapped my friends/family to get me to post this :D.


I just thought I would take a moment to thank those at Ahoyworld for the time they put in to providing everyone with a enjoyable Arma 3 experience .


I would highly recommend that if you've also enjoyed your time on Ahoyworld that you consider donating: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/donate/


Zico :ph34r:

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5 minutes ago, McKillen said:

Wait... who payed you again? I forget

There is no figure that I can come up with that would get me out of bed. These last few weeks I've genuinely struggled to get up in the mornings sleeping through 2 alarms :D.


4 minutes ago, Xwatt said:

Would also like to thank the players who keep me sane :)

Hmm, you've had one too many bumps to the head if you're thanking the players for keeping you sane :lol:

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