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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Prometheus Series - OP: Pegasus - by KPJ

Karate Pyjamas

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When : Saturday 9th September, 1845 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  


Server: EU3/AWE


Briefing / Planning: 1830 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)

Mission Start: 1900 UK LOCAL (GMT +1)  


Map: Altis

Mods: Standard AWE


First person lock: No

Loadouts: Pre-set with limited supplies

Respawns: Yes

Mission Length: ~120 minutes.


Factions: BLUFOR (USMC) vs OPFOR (SPA, Russian equipped)


JIP: Limited

Number of Slots: 40-ish (with 1 Zeus operator)


Sign Up Link: https://goo.gl/forms/nydkIkNG39V4stpw2

Current Roster, definitely not finalhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AbSY2TtQWchJas2QaWLpT3mjQVywScEZc4TTv1t3CDk/edit?usp=sharing


Background story:

A rebel uprising has caused a lot of commotion on the island of Altis. The newly formed militia, called “SPA, Socialist Party of Altis” wants to reclaim Altis in the name of the local inhabitants, they fight against so-called social and economic injustices. The people of Altis are promised change and many local inhabitants are joining the fast spreading movement. Intelligence officers have been sent to Altis to observe the uprising and they soon begin to report the first acts of violence against opponents of the group. Police forces have been driven into hiding or evacuation as many riots occurred during the propaganda rallies.


The date is the 3rd of August 2021, trucks filled with SPA militia arrive at the towns of Feres and Selakano. Minutes after, the people living there are rounded up and are either deported or shot. NATO forces have been on standby for the past few weeks until further escalation was present. Now is their time for action, to drive SPA of the island and liberate the people of Altis from the oppression.


Mission brief:


SPA has sent militia forces to the towns of Panagia, Feres and Selakano, they started rounding up the local inhabitants and are either deporting them or they are being shot on sight. You will be airdropped near the towns of Panagia and Selakano. Liberate the towns of Panagia, Feres and Selakano, secure the Feres airfield and proceed to secure the Mazi port as a foothold for reinforcements and supplies. Gather any intel from high-ranking officers! An ammo crate with ammo and medical supplies will be dropped alongside the troops.







Any questions, comments or suggestions should be posted below.

P.s. Prometheus will run for 4 consecutive weeks, then a one week break then 3 more consecutive weeks.




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5 hours ago, ShadowAce11 said:


I respect the meme, but it's far from the case. They are minimal realism loadouts and you'll love them once you play. It's a series of GN's that are balanced fairly well.

I've tested these load-outs after I created them and I've turned out to be more than combat effective, except when things took a nasty, I would usually run out of ammo. Which makes thing far more interesting. However, there is a supply depot, if you are uncomfortable you're allowed to switch some things out.

Prometheus is built is such a way that it feels like you're playing a campaign, with player enjoyment placed on priority number 1. Deaths will occur, but not like the *insert ArmA YouTuber* kind of punishment for sitting still on a hill. However, keep on moving is definitely a thing.

It'll be very similar like other Zeus OP's I've done, but setting a script ahead of time allows for a way more story driven experience :) It'll be unlike anything you've seen so far :)

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I have some good and bad news, but mostly good. I guess.


My HDD died on me when I tried to open a 200MB map of Altis to make a map of the AO, I turned off the power as my PC froze and now my HDD storage drive has died. I'm a very lucky man that the mission files were also on the primary disc so I've got that going for me. However, now I have to redownload EVERYTHING for arma, set up my audio and streaming as those are all gone, so it's going to be a fun 2 days fixing all which is now gone...

The GN is still on though!

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For those who are still in doubt, Prometheus is unlike anything you've seen or done before.

Prometheus has been developed over a year ago in a way that it is heavily story driven, I've had input by a lot of members, even a few days before the kick-off. It's similar to an MSO, but every mission has a definitive end. It's supposed to feel like you are playing a campaign, but instead of useless AI you're with capable REAL players. It's story based, with scaling difficulty done by a Zeus (me is this case). As you're used of me, player enjoyment is priority number one. This doesn't mean the going doesn't get tough though.

It's an experience you shouldn't miss out on. I've heard concerns of people that playing all of them isn't appealing when they can't make it for one week. However, this has been thought out. Even if you're not there for a week, you're still fine to fit in the next week. Briefings, AAR, etc. will all be made accordingly.

I hope to see you all on Saturday, it's going to be a blast. :)

Please, use the form to sign up, as planning is a big deal to make it a great success. JIP is possible, but I ask you to check your schedule beforehand. Still, it's not mandatory to do so, you will however be helping me a lot.

If you have any concerns or questions, I will be available throughout the next 2 days to answer any questions. Either via this thread, private message or on TeamSpeak.

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Nice op, thanks Karate.


on the other hand:

haven't seen so many teamkills during single op for a long time (counted aroud 10 TKs).


Some of it was usual teamkills like crossing line of fire etc.., but most of it came down to bad communication between Alpha and Bravo - not informing the squad on different frequency about intentions and/or use of enemy assets (that Ural).

So yea, the shame here goes mostly to commanders :P

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SPA has been pushed back into the Altis mainland. Reinforcements have landed on the beaches of Mazi and set up a FOB on the Feres Airfield. Armored vehicles and troop carriers are being moved in as we speak so we can mobilize our troops further north. Intel gathered from their officers suggests a SPA stronghold near the town of Pyrgos, this will be our next target.

Casualties during last OP were higher than expected, we can't afford such a number of casualties on our next deployment.

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