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Hi Im new here


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Hello there whoever reads this I'm gonna be honest this is my first time with playing ARMA of any kind properly that wasn't just the single player and I have always been sold on the idea of playing this multiplayer I just didn't know where to start so after some looking around I ended up here and liked the look of the server. I wouldn't say I am an amazing player but I can shoot a gun and know the basics I also pride my self on doing things I have been told to do as long as I have the knowledge of thing I am doing what I'm saying is I'm not flying anything anytime soon. But yeah that's a bit about myself and I hope I do well here.

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46 minutes ago, GoodGuySenPie said:

I wouldn't say I am an amazing player but I can shoot a gun

As long as you shoot the right things that's fine by me! Welcome o/. Come to EU1 and spend the rest of your life playing on your computer, join the darkside :P

Hope you have fun, and welcome!

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Hi and welcome to Ahoyworld.


As above, if you shoot the right people you'll be fine. If you shoot the wrong people just make sure to apologise and don't do it again :D.


If you're new to Arma then I would highly recommend playing through the VR modes in single player to get to grips with the overall gameplay.


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