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A Short Reminder



First of all, Hello.


I have been tasked with a job that is within the aspect of community involvement, which involves you, and your ideas.


For the longest time, the ideas box has been well renowned for being all about ideas that can be implemented into Invade and annex. This is still the case and will remain to be, as your ideas about I&A are more than welcome, we love to hear all of your ideas that can shape the future of I&A.


The description of the ideas box is "We're always looking to improve. What can we do to make things better?" 

This is what I want to highlight.


The ideas box is not strictly confined to ideas for Invade and annex. The ideas box can be used for ideas that can help Ahoyworld become a better community and shape the future in which we are heading.  Ideas about I&A will still be welcome, but I hope that there may be an influx of ideas that are non I&A related.


As always I look forward to seeing all of your ideas, they are always considered as the playerbase is what makes our community.


Thank you,


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Very well said Xwatt.

I have a point to add which is related to Ahoyworld. I would like to donate money for the community, but I dont have paypal. If there would be another possibility to donate, Ahoyworld would get more funds I think.

So please provide other possiblities to donate then only Paypal.



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