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Active Zeus on regular AO mission


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Yesterday a Zeus came online, he helped the AI a little. Some parachuters and normal reinforcements.

It was done in a very fine way. Zeus must have seen that the AO would be overrun at in time, because of the many players.

In that way the attack slowed down a bit and all players got a chance to get a little combat.

We could use a little more of this, especially when NATO forces are overpowered.
Good work Zeus.





Maybe wrong forum, sry


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I try to do this is as much as I can when i'm zeusing, If the AO is low and AI and very abundant in players, I will send reinforcments.


I always try to change the way I do this, to keep it refreshing, so it's not always the same.

My reinforcements could be;


-Helicopter Insertion

-Helicopter paratroopers

-Infantry transport trucks 

- Armoured Convoy 

- Light Vehicle Convoy 

- Enemy QRF (1x attack heli, kajman or Orca)


This is just the few ways that I can think on the top of my head, I am forever learning, trying out new ways to bring reinforcements in a way that is fair, but effective so the AO's don't always feel the same, and I hope that the players enjoy this as if I feel it is too much, I will reevaluate the ways I try to spicen up the  mission.


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