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AhoyWorld public moderator applications


This is the topic where you can apply to become a moderator on our public servers.

Please read the entire post before filling out the application form.


What does a public moderator do?

Public moderators support our community by weeding out troublemakers and rules-breakers on our public ArmA servers, the TeamSpeak server and our forum.

On ArmA servers a moderator may warn, kick and/or ban someone in violation of the rules. If a ban is applied, a moderator must fill out a brief ban report. A tool which makes use of the RCON system is used to apply bans.

A moderator also deals with player reports filed by players when there are no moderators present to deal with situations. After taking any necessary actions, the moderator informs the reporter of any actions taken.


What are the requirements to become a public moderator?

Absolute requirements:

  • Must not be banned within the last 12 months

  • Must provide at least 2 references from current public moderators or core staff members. Please ask the moderators whether you can put them down as a reference for your application

  • Must be active on the public servers and on the TeamSpeak server


What we prefer:

  • Forum member for at least six months prior to application with an active, positive and constructive posting history

  • Personality is pragmatic, trustworthy, reliable, considerate and respectful

  • Enthusiastic players who are interested in advancing the community for the general enjoyment of all


Probationary Period

If your application gets accepted, you will be under a 3 month probationary period, where you actions are closely watched by moderators, to ensure you are using your priveleges in line with the moderator guidelines.


Apply Here

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