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Metal detector (not Mine Detector)

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When playing as EOD, does the Metal Detector (otherwise known as "selfie stick" by some players) do anything? Is it necessary to effectively detect mines/explosives?


I am not talking about the Mine Detector ACE item.



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To my knowledge, the ACE Mine Detector works better than the "selfie stick", the ACE one will work in a larger radius a bit like the vanilla detector where as the "selfie stick" will generally detect by the time you're ready to stand on it. The best way to use that tool is to walk slowly and scan in a wide arc in front of you to cover your left and right flank. Some people have trouble with it, others don't.


Within the DLC "Laws of War" however, they overhauled EOD and put an emphasis on just how deadly mines and explosives are. With it you get a nice little screen, similar to when you open up the GPS and it will give you a radius of 15m and show the rough location of the spike, so that will make things a little easier if that is something you want to use. I personally strive for a little bit more realism and immersion in my gameplay so I may not use that though.


All in all, the "selfie stick" does work, it's just that its radius is smaller than the ACE metal detector, which hell, unless i'm mistaken is basically just the vanilla one anyway and if so will receive a re-haul when Laws of War hits public branch.

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the Metal Detector is not the best mine detedtor but it works remember to conect the head phones and have it activated. i personaly use both i primeraly use the ace one to detect the mine and then i use the Metal Detector as a backup tool incase i have to runn in to a car ( where it takes some time to activate the regular one) or if i runn out of battery. also the Metal Detector makes a swish witch you can bearly heare. but it also detects exblosives that have bin deactivated


if you want me to i can arrange for a training run for you where you can practise eod ing in a some what less stress full enviorment wen i get back 



btw got to say i hate the new minedetector from the laws of war looks like its abaut to make things to easy



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