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Impromptu game night - Stiletto Bozcaada - Aug 16 at 7pm GMT (3pm EST)


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Hi folks,


Just a quick note that I've been adding some major improvements to Stiletto and have been experimenting on Bozcaada, and I'm at the point where I need to test them out on a larger scale.  So you are all invited to be sacrificial guinea pigs stalwart beta testers as the brave forces of the British SAS take on the CHdSK guerillas on Bozcaada.


Where: AWE

When: August 16, 1900 hrs GMT (1500 hrs EST) - setup/gather 30 mins prior

What: STILETTO 1_008 Bozcaada

Mods: Standard AWE, Virtual Arsenal allowed, custom squads allowed with PlatCo direction

Notes: Bozcaada features the players starting solely on the Freedom, so a Logi squad may be useful to create a FOB based on the island. If I get it fixed in time, Logi squad is able to create a permanent infantry spawn point as well as ground vehicle, helicopter and plane spawn / service points.  To this end the resource point allocation is buffed a bit: still 20 points for a small case, but 300 points for a light crate and 600 points for a large crate.


No signup required, just a FYI, but commenting your attendance on this thread is appreciated, even more so if you want to lead a team / squad.


- R

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