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"Secure Intel"


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2 hours ago, corey.beets said:

If I snipe the guys in the trucks I get a mission failed, if i blow them up I get side mission failed.  If I approach them quietly they drive off.

There are two different types of this mission. One of them is where an officer spawns. In this mission you need to find the CSAT officer in the field, he will normally stand near some unarmed vehicles. Then you make your way over to him and capture him. The other version is similar. For this it is a vehicle that is the intel. Similar to the officer intel, you need to locate the unarmed vehicles, one of these vehicles is the intel. To capture it you need to use your scroll wheel on it. If the officer dies/vehicle is destroyed/vehicle or officer escapes, you fail.

2 hours ago, corey.beets said:

What am I doing wrong?

A way to do this is to scout the mission first, check whats there in the AO and find your target. The officer will look slightly different to other foot soldiers so you should be able to tell the difference. If there is no officer, then you have to cap the vehicle. Regardless of which one you get, you then either kill the infantry and/or the patrol vehicle (normally an IFRIT), if they are too close proceed then to take out the wheels of the vehicles. Funnily enough a rocket does the job a bit too well. Then, take out anything in your way and go grab your prize. 


Sneaking up will rarely ever work due to the simple fact that AI in arma... is simply AI. AI does what AI wants.

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5 hours ago, McKillen said:

Funnily enough a rocket does the job a bit too well. Then, take out anything in your way and go grab your prize.

I disabled a vehicle that was fleeing with splash damage from a guided titan AT, it was intentional and worked, I was most impressed (also if I missed that shot, it was going to get away regardless, so a fail would have happened if it blew up or got away).


Back to the OP, doing this side alone is difficult but not impossible, but having a weapon that can disable tyres quickly is paramount. Either a mounted MG, or a heavy calibre weapon will do - I'd suggest 7.62 or above, the .50 under barrel of the type 115 is good for this; helps to bring along some AT as well (NLAW, RPG-42 or RPG7) for extra vehicles - Titan is typically overkill for this mission, and leads to a fail.


Ideally go with a small squad, have a plan and all assault at once.

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