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Buenos días


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Well then, where do I start?


My in-game name is Maik Makensi.


I'm from Spain and currently currentlly learning english (specially how to speak and not sound dumb).


I found Arma when looking for a team focused non-arcade shooter. Verdun, Insurgency, Day of Infamy and others weren't enough "realistic" for me, so I tried Arma and sticked to it since.


Even though I had had Arma for several months, due to Uni stuff I couldn't play much so I've stll not learnt some of the keybindings and mechanics (like mortars, for instance).


Still, lately I've been around the AhoyWorld Invade server and having some fun there, but I've recently thought to try out the AWE server since I found I had way more fun when I'm part of a cohesive and supportive squad intead of a mass of people with guns storming to the enemy lines (which is kinda fun too, but less).


So, in resume: I'm a guy sorta new to Arma who's wanting to play AWE (currently working on installing the mods & stuff) so see you there soon.


PD: If you play AWE and have something to say to a complete noob, please do, it's much appreciated.



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Hey maik,


nice to have you on the server. 

Im new on the server too, and nee to ace3 and all the mechanics.


things I do for learning?

open the editor, spawn in some stuff, enable the ace stuff, and start fucking around. You can spawn in some enemys or make very simple missions for yourself. Get yourself shot a couple of times and try to medic yourself


also, play different roles.

and make sure you startup arma with the modset thats included on the server


also a good tip i found out is very good. Is the ace3 advanced ballistics mod. Its a scenario where you have the virtual arsenal and can spawn in different sorts of targets

especially good for sniping and trying the advanced ballistics stuff, but also for launchers, mortars etc.


there are options to show your bullet trace. Very good for learning why you arent hitting something.


when im free from work at the day, i join the server when noone is around, so i get to know he missions and maps.


mostly at the beginning of the evening there are about 5 people around. Experienced guys who will help you out if asked.


later on in the evening the server gets a bit more crowded and the fun starts. Havent been playing myself very much in the only week im in, but it sure sounds as a great community with guys who help you out and talk shit (things i love)


in short: go to editor, spawn stuff in, get to know the ace menu and all the extra stuff what comes with the mods. And then just start playing, guys will help you if asked

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Hi Maik Makensi,

welcome to our community and don´t worry about your english, it is perfectly fine!:)


If you need help for getting onto AWE here is a short list about how to get started:

  1. first of all you abviously have to install the mods and set up TFAR (a needed TS Plugin for direct and radio-comms). I don´t know how far you are yet with installing but if you need help you can either always ask or you can also check out our Guide on how to install the mods and set up TFAR.:)
  2. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the few Rules and Guidelines of AWE to get an overview of what is allowed and what is not as well as to check out when wich slots can be picked. But there are also a few rules on when wich slots can be taken wich aren´t implemented in the ruleset so far (due to a few changes happened the rules are not completely updated when it comes to "when to pick wich slot") But you can find these requierements for the new squad system when you follow the link.:)
  3. Now when you installed everything, it seems to be working and you read and understood the few rules we have you now actually have a choice: You can either make your life harder and just hop onto the server and probably be overwhelmed by all the ace options, TFAR, etc. (like it happened to me aswell when I was new) oooooorrrrr you check out the Guides section to get a basic understanding of how things/gameplay work on our server to get a smoth start.:lol: (You can also find a guide on how to use mortars in there;))
  4. And the most important point at the End: The server password and IP of course.:)



*EDIT*: And for the beginning you don´t really need to worry about the ace advanced ballistics since they are only enabled if you are using a high-power-magnification scope. And since you´ll probably start as a rifleman to get used to everything you´ll probably also won´t be using such a scope:lol:



Best regards and hope to see you soon on the battlefield

Noah :)

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Indeed what BorderLive said is true, never feel threatened to ask others around you for help, all of us at one point had to ask, myself included


99% of the time anyone you ask in enhanced will be more than happy to help you, again myself included :)


See you around!


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