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Check your TS3 plugins-folder


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Hey guys,


Not sure if this is just a hick-up on my computer or a general thing, but I just stumbled on something astonishing regarding the TS3 plugins-folder under AppData\Roaming. Since AWE also requires TS3 plugins, maybe I'm not alone, which is why I'm sharing this here.


Short intro:
For the past few weeks, I noticed my 128Gb SSD had only 6 - 10Gb (changed from day to day, for some reason) remaining. Obviously well below the recommended 10%, so I started digging but couldn't find anything that wasn't necessary hogging up that much space.


After some searching, I found a tool that scanned the entire disk and listed folders in order of size. That's where I finally discovered that TS3 had multiple "Plugin"-subfolders, 28 levels deep, each with its own files. The link to the deepest level looked like this:




Aside from the "Last accessed"-date, all files were identical, so I could see no reason for this many duplicates and deleted them (with some effort *). Getting rid of the 40.158 files freed up a whopping 14Gb of HDD space !!


* Windows has a maximum length a folder or file name can have (255, as far as I could find). Once beyond that, you can't manually do anything with the file anymore. Can't move it, nor copy, rename, delete, archive, ...


As such, in order to delete them, I had to use the "Robocopy"-method found here.

I'm aware this could be caused by multiple things, so it may be nothing for you, but it may also be worth checking on your computer if you maybe have the same issue.



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