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Hello All!


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In game name is Nosferatu, real name is Lucas. 


American (former USN) recently relocated to London to get married and settle for a few years.


Pretty happy to finally have a computer which can handle ARMA. 


Been playing pretty regularly for about a month now. 


When are the best times to get on the servers? busy time for enhanced? 


Thanks all and see you in there

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welcome lucas

6 hours ago, GamerbugUK said:

Welcome, busy times are typically 6pm onwards for public, I'd assume similar for AWEU3. 

it's random for eu3 /AWE it usually starts up at 17.00 cest and usually ends at 23.00 also note that today there is MSO which will take almost all of the players from eu3

if you need asistance with the mso or the eu3 repo please contact me in team speak and i wil try to assist you.  (if i am unable to i wil try to get some one that knows what the issue is)

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