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Stiletto Feedback Thread

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8 minutes ago, hobnob11 said:


  Radio Stealing:

    - Steps to reproduce:

      1: Equip a radio, exit arsenal, confirm radio still equipped, re-open arsenal.
      2: Save that loadout, exit arsenal, confirm you still have radio.

      3: Open Arsenal again, load the loadout, confirm both in the arsenal and out of it that the radio is now gone.

    - Tested 3 times both with the scroll wheel and the ace interact.


The only way I managed to make this work is following:


- Open arsenal

- Do your business

- Make sure you're on the communications tab

- Make sure the selected radio is highlighted

- Then leave the arsenal

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On 17.2.2018 at 12:19 PM, hobnob11 said:

Scope / Attachment Stealing:

    - Unable to reproduce, but happened to me yesterday, I load my standard loadout, quick save it using the ace interact, get into the heli, as soon as i get off the heli I notice i no longer have a scope. I realise this doesn't help you much in figuring out what causes this, but I can confirm it does still (rarely) happen.

I tried to reproduce this issue and it is not always happening because it seems to not affect all scopes but the ones it affects are constantly getting removed. I know for a fact that it affects the M145 scopes, the M150 ACOGs and the AN/PVQ-31 ACOGs. To reproduce this it is pretty much the same as with the radios I think.

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On 2/17/2018 at 6:19 AM, hobnob11 said:

Radio Stealing:

So I've confirmed the radio issue, but I couldn't reproduce the scope issue.


The only thing I can suggest is that it's somehow related to how ACE handles the setting of variables, in that the arsenal may be loaded before all the variables are properly set. For scopes, try closing the arsenal and re-opening it before dealing with a loadout, the variables should be set properly by the second time.


For the radios, it's probably related to the fact that saving a loadout, you are saving a specific radio, and those 2,000 individual radios are not individually whitelisted in the arsenal.  I'll see if there's a workaround, but for now, just make sure you've got a radio before you exit the arsenal (like always).

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2 hours ago, Ryko said:

but I couldn't reproduce the scope issue

steps to reproduce:

  1. Get in the arsenal
  2. Put the "M145 MGO" on your gun
  3. Save the loadout
  4. Load a different loadout
  5. Exit the arsenal
  6. Load the previously saved loadout (wich should have the M145 MGO on it; the loadout is greyed out)
  7. The M145 MGO is taken away

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Idk if its been fixed with the HVT despawning the transport vehicle fix, but if you capture and POWs and leave the AO, they will despawn themselves along with the vehicle.

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