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Ahoy people, just wanted to check in here.


found out about invade and annex from a youtube video and am totally in love with it.


have been playing only in the Ahoy EU#1 and have been flying around 99% of the time as a pilot.


so... if you need a lift, call mangela erkel airlines.



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4 hours ago, Patrik_swe said:

Welcome Nice to see you here and on EU1. We Will surley bumlingar to each other. 

Thanks mate, I've already seen you on the server


2 hours ago, Xwatt said:



Seen you around a lot on the server these past couple of days, nice to have you aboard.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you see me around :P 



Thanks xwatt. have only been around for like 3 days, but I've been online a lot in these days^^ 


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