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Ammo Crates in the Field

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I got an interesting idea while playing on our server when the revive script was broken and you got revived without ammo. What we had to do  which was not very realistic was to respawn, which we didn't want to default back to because we liked the whole medic thing in the field. What we did do was call inn the pilot, making requests for him to fill his backback with ammo and bring it to a marked LZ not too far away from us.


How about making some kind of container, that can be filled with a set amount of items (ammo, HE, rockets, kits, charges), this crate can in turn be dragged over to the proximity of a vehicle or chopper, flown into combat, unloaded, dragged and placed at a safe location close to the front. The crate would of course not be indestructible, and a grenade landing close to it would blow it up and take anyone within an explosive charges range with it.


These crates would not be part of the loadout, they would spawn in as rewards for side missions, so that they're not abused in numbers, making it too easy. This would also make them valuable, and people would not want to leave them in combat or place them in an unprotected area of the front.  

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We will at times fill a Hunter with ammo/equip and park that somewhere as a FOB. Though it is limited space.. it can be refilled by a pilot with some free time. It also sometimes becomes a target for the AI.. and gets surrounded and becomes quite the hot spot. hehe I have the re-spawn times quite high on my server, but the down side is they will eventually vanish to re-spawn back at base.

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Something like air-drops could be implemented, like a heli pilot get a request from other players and tell him what they are needing, the pilots grabs an empty crate from somewhere and fill it with what they need and then load it on the heli. Then he flies to the designated drop area and just press some menu action to drop it.

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I like the idea, gives more things for pilots to do rather than just glorified taxi drivers.


Of course if you run out of ammo, surely the thing to do is grab one off a dead body? Dead enemy - dead ally - whatever to survive and get back in the fight or keep you alive until that weapon drop arrives (if it ever got implemented.)

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