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Hello everybody!


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Hi guys,

my nick is Shadow56
I love Arma 3 and with a new PC build, I hope there will be so much fun on Ahoy servers (normal and enhanced).
Say hi to me in the game and I always try to play with squad and fulfill my role in group. I am trying to be as milsim/tactical as possible.
As a working student I dont have lot free time, mostly be playing on weekends probably.

See ya in the field!
Shadow56 Autorifleman/Medic/SL

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Hi Shadow56,

nice to see a new face joining the community! :)

1 hour ago, Shadow56 said:

I am trying to be as milsim/tactical as possible.

And a very good attitude! :)


But now to the for you interesting things: I can´t tell you a lot about the Invade&Annex servers but as @GamerbugUK already said

25 minutes ago, GamerbugUK said:

The tactical and milsim types will be here shortly to direct you to AWEU3.

And here I am to tell you how you can join AhoyWorld Enhanced (AWE) wich is our more serious/milsim-ish server! :lol::)

Basically you just need to follow these easy steps and shortly you can enjoy a little bit more tactial Arma!:)

  1. As it is with basically all of the more serious servers you´ll have to download a few mods. And with "few" I actually mean a lot. :lol: For installing them and the TFAR Plugin for TS (it is for the direct- and Radio-communication) you probably want to check out our Guide on how to install the mods and set up TFAR wich will guide you through all steps.:)
  2. When you completed the point above (or while you are waiting for the download to finish) you will want to make sure that you know the Rules and Guidelines of AWE to get an overview of what is allowed and what is not as well as to check out when wich slots can be picked. For the last point you will want to have a look at when wich slots can be taken as well (due to a few changes happening/happened the rules are not completely updated when it comes to "when to pick wich slot").:unsure:
  3. When you read and understood the few rules we have (and now I actually mean few:lol:) you can either make your life harder and just hop onto the server and probably be overwhelmed by all the ace options, TFAR, etc. oooooorrrrr you check out the Guides section to get a basic understanding of how things/gameplay work on our server to get a smoth start.:lol: (from my experience I would definitly recommend to read the basic guides and then hop into a usual rifleman to get used to everything before trying to lead.):)
  4. And the most important point at the End: The server password and IP of course.:)



Best regards and hope to see you on the Battlefield


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1 hour ago, Shadow56 said:

Also need some help with that medical system and so many weapons and gear

Feel free to ask everybody you meet on the server!:) Everybody here is willing to help you out, even in the field!:)

If you want to get a basic overview about wich bandage does what, etc. you can also find a few of these informations in here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/7525-awe-ace-medical-intro/

I you want to get a more detailed insight as well as spreadsheets that display exact values and therefore can show you exactly what bandage is the best for what situation, etc. you can find a lot of these in here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/8319-guide-ace-advanced-medical/


But for the beginning the first link should totally be enough to get a basic overview. Also that one contains a good recommendation what medical supplies to take with you.:)


When it comes to gear I can give you a few tips I´d guess:

First of all: all the gear you spawn with is basically just fine. If you want to improve things that is totally possible! But be carefull: If you want to improve your gear by damage protection for example don´t do that on the server but instead in the virtual arsenal because the Arsenal on the server is somewhat broken and shows wrong stats when it comes to damage protection!:unsure:

  1. Helmet:
    • the most protective one actually is the vanilla "Enhanced Combat Helmet". This one is beast and lets you take up to 2 headshots more then others!!!
    • in general: You´ll be fine as long as you wear any helmet.
  2. Vests:
    • most protective ones: SPC IAR, SPC Machinegunner, SPC light, SPC Crewman, SPC Patcheless (they all offer the same protection; just different look and loading capacities)
    • in general: You´ll also be fine as you wear any protective vest. The only ones I wouldn´t recommend are the default US Army vests and instead choose the US Army airborne vest SPCS wich is lighter and more protective (This one looks way less protective but it isn´t because the hitbox has the same size as the ones from the other US Army vests while absorbing more hitpoints) if you want to make a Army loadout
  3. Uniform:
    • most protective ones: well basically all uniforms offer the same protection BUT the RHS USAF uniforms are ALL offering a bit less! So you either want to go with a BAF or a Vanilla one or with one out of the two gear packs.
    • In general: Just go with whatever you like.:lol:
  4. Weapon:
    • If you are Rifleman or something similar: Everything is just fine I´d guess. I personally would recommend the HK416 D10. If you want to make you loadout a bit lighter then I´d recommend the MK18 MOD1
      • Ammo: MK 262 rounds! Just trust me these ones are better! (using 6+1 Mag)
      • Scope: I´d recommend the SU/230-PVS
      • Rail attachement: not needed usually. If you want one: gor for the BAF ones since you can switch between light and laser and they are much lighter
      • Muzzle attachement: When using a supressor you don´t need earplugs...but that doesn´t helps you when the guy next to you isn´t using one:lol:
      • Bipod: Grip Pod
    • If you are Marksman: L129A1 DMR Grip Pod
      • Ammo: just go with the default one (8+1)
      • Scope: AMS
      • Rail: as above
      • Muzzle: as above
    • If you are AR: M249 PIP (any)
      • Ammo: Any 200 round belts (2+1)
      • Scope: SU/230-PVS; or for longer ranges: Trijicon ACOG TA648RMR-308
      • Rail: as above
      • Muzzle: as above
  5. Sidearm:
    • not really needed and I only take one with me for reasons of realism. My recommendation would be the Glock 17 (low weight, nice impact, good accuracy).
      • Ammo: JHP rounds! Trust me again! (using 2+1 mag)
      • You don´t need any attachements since you´ll basically never be using you sidearm anyways
  6. Launcher:
    • You are LAT: AT4 HEAT or HEDP
    • You aren´t LAT but should take on: Well there is only the M72:lol:
  7. Backpack:
    • Just a usual backpack: Whatever has the space you need and looks good to you.:lol:
    • TFAR Radio Backpack: Here it should depends on for what role you are:
      • SL: all ASIP ones should be totally fine for you with a range of 20km
      • FAC/Vortex: Either the ASIP (Vortex got a 30km either way in the chopper/plane) or if the Map is super big and you want to have a bette signal you might want to consider the AN/PRC-210 with 40km range!
  8. Facewear:
    • Offers no function but looks cool. I use the tactical glasses from the military gear pack because they look nice and don´t color your vision.
  9. NVG:
    • Basically I would say just pick what you want BUT one of them is just better: The BAF one only has a weight of 0,18kg wich is 0,73kg less then the RHS ones!
  10. Binoculars:
    • If you are SL/CMD/FAC: You want to have the Soflam because you can laser-designate with it!
    • If you are anything else and want to have binos you want to take either the LERCA because it has Zoom or the Vector 21 Nite because it has nightvision and offers a ton of functions! (great guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5wY1GhahBM&t=3s)
  11. Map:
    • There is only one Map:lol:
  12. Terminal:
    • If you are SL/CMD/FAC: Micro DAGR in the uniform and Tablet in the slot because you can either have all the super nice functions of the tablet but thile running around you can have the DAGR open
    • If you are anything else: Android
  13. Communication:
    • If you are able to: Get an AN/PRC-152 because is has more functions like setting up additional channels and has a range of 5km. If you can´t get that one go with the RF-7800S-TR obviously
  14. Navigation:
    • Well there is only the compass...:lol:
  15. Watch:
    1. If you are able to equip a AN/PRC-152 Radio you can either take nothing, a watch, or even better the altimeter watch
    2. If you have to take the RF-7800S-TR Radio you have to use the Radio Programmer because otherwise you can´t set frequencies manually.
  16. Other things:
    • Grenades
      • If you want to take smoke grenades: always use the BAF ones since they provide the best smoke by far!
      • If you want to use flashbangs: use the RHS ones since the ace ones make the AI turn away immediatly and then turn back => no flash effect on them
      • If you want to use frags: no idea just pick any. I don´t use them because I´m scared that I throw one by accident when I want to throw a smoke :lol:
      • If you want to use IR: go with the standart NATO IR grenade and not with the ACE IR strobe



My rifleman loadout (gone for a bit of realism):

  1. Weapon: M4A1
    • Scope: AN/PVQ-31A RCO
    • Ammo: MK262 (6+1)
  2. Sidearm: M9 Beretta
    • Ammo: FMJ (2+1) (really bad rounds)
  3. Uniform: FROG MARPAT (as USMC); Combat Uniform (as US Army)
  4. Vest: SPC Rifleman (USMC); SPCS (Rifleman/) (US A)
  5. Backpack: depending on if I need one or not.
  6. Headgear: MICH 2000 MARPAT (Norotos) (USMC); ACH (US A)
  7. Facewear: Tactical Glasses
  8. NVG: AN/PVS-14
  9. Binos: none or just usual Binoculars if needed
  10. Map: Map
  11. Terminal none or MicroDAGR
  12. RF-7800S-TR
  13. Nav: Compass
  14. Watch: MicroDAGR Radio Programmer
  15. Gear:
    1. Medical supplies: 1x Quick Clot, 2x Packing Bandage, 2x Elastic Bandage, 2x Tourniquet
    2. Grenades: 2x M83 Smoke Grenade (White), 1x M18 Smoke Grenade Purple, 2x M84 Stun Grenade, 1x M127A1 Hand Held Signal (Red)
    3. Other: 1x Earplugs, 1x Maglite XL50, 4x Cable Ties


I hope I could help you a little bit with these lists:)




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