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In-game name when banned: Ackuades

What message displays when you attempt to connect? Tk/Teddy

Why do you think you were banned? TK (that I didn't notice)
Other possible reasons: -I accidently hit the fire button in the base and shot a tree
-I said "Allahu Akbar" multiple times
-Asking if other wanna join our group

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? (I've already posted this once before, almost 3 months form now)

I think I should get Ban-lifted because I didn't TK anyone, not accidentaly nor on purpose. Atleast I can't recall it.
What has happened in my oppinion is that I got thrown in a bucket with a group of trolls that I joined, without me knowing they were trolls.

They dressed up as taliban and later one of them proceeded to shoot at a bunch of teammates on a hillside with an RPG-7. Shortly after that happened, I've seen an APC.
I Attacked it with my RPG-7 that I took with me too without asking if it was hostile. I didn't ask if it was hostile because everybody was lying in cover. It seemed like they were hiding from the APC.

That's been a mistake on my part I admit, aswell as dressing up as Taliban. In the end it didn't even matter, because I missed the APC by a longshot.

Then we got Thunderstruck and I got banned.

Whatever happened, I had time to think about it and to calm down.

Here's the original post from the very same day. It's a lot more detailed then this.


I think I should get Ban-Lifted because I don't recall anything I could have done to TK someone. Here's the most percise I can recall:

I acted stupid with a bunch of strangers, dressing up and pretending to be Talibans. It could have come across as racist or inappropriate, I completeley recognize that by now and won't do it again. It was a stupid decision.

So after taking off in a heli with my group and only my group, one of them, as soon as we landed on the LZ, thought I'd be a good idea shooting an RPG-7 at a friendly squad, taking out one or two teammates and then setting a bomb to what I assume blow the place up. In fact I was kinda shocked because he didn't seem like a troll when we first met (I forgot his name). Shortly after the intirety of the other squad left we got struck by lightning and killed.

I could actually can imagine dressing up as talibans and saying "allahu akbar" multiple times in the audience of my 5 or 6 man group beeing a reason for the kick, but it isn't. It specifically sais TK as a reason.

BUT! What's really in my opinion unjust, is that I got banned for TK for not even shooting a bullet anywhere near an ally!
The only thing I can remember shooting is my RPG-7 at an CSAT ATV before getting struck by said lightning and then shortly getting Banned for a TK I don't remember.
Maybe that ATV was actually NATO occupied, but it would have made no difference because I didn't hit it anyway.

What I think is the case, is that I got thrown into a basket with my group and then banned for no real reason. In fact, I got TK'd by a guy named Panther whilst trying to repair an Ifritt before I respawned in the base and met those strangers. I joined them because it seemed I could play in a team. This is the only reason I think I am liking this server so much, because of the teamplay and the nice community. I can kinda see that it was my mistake.

So whatever I did or didn't do, I am really damn sorry and I totally F'd up on this one. I am going to be more cautious of my company next time and pick it more wisely. I regret what I did and want to apologise once more. I hope I get another chance to be more polite and mindful of my decisions.

It's clear to me that you try to keep your community as clean as possible. Any decision will be respected.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Teddy

When were you banned: 21.04.2017 around 18:30

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Hi Ackuades,


Reading through your ban appeal and original ban report, I have reached the decision to lift your ban. While the original offences you were banned for are serious; I feel that you are genuinely apologetic for those actions. Now would be a good time for us to leave the past in the past, and move forward.

I hope you make the best of this second chance!


Ban appeal SUCCESSFUL.





Interim Community Referee 

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