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I & A Striders



Could we run

this setObjectTexture [0, "a3\soft_f_beta\mrap_03\data\mrap_03_ext_co.paa"];

on unarmed Striders and

this setObjectTexture [0, "a3\soft_f_beta\mrap_03\data\mrap_03_ext_co.paa"];
this setObjectTexture [1, "a3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"];

on armed variants?

For BLUFOR ones only, of course. It's a skin BIS never fully finished and thus never put in the game, the files come with every copy of Arma anyways (for a brief time after Apex release a tickbox slipped past BIS and this camo was selectable in the Virtual Arsenal). The interior remains kinda AAF-ish, but the outside of the vehicles looks less inviting for friendly fire.


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@ansin11 an FYI McKillen has direct access to the dev branch of I&A.  

What he's telling is true, the striders have the nato camo (at least the reward ones, afaik there aren't any others) and they have had it since update 3.2.0.  It's not specifically mentioned in the change log but it's in there.


From the top of my head I can tell you that the following vehicles have a non default camo:



orca (always black)

hellcat (always green)

wasp (random between default and dark camo)

ghosthawk (random between green and black)



If you know of any other vehicles that have nato camo that aren't in this list pls feel free to tell me :)


(if you don't believe me feel free to open the mission files.  The script you're looking for is: functions/vehicles/vsetup2.sqf)



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Out of the top of my head I can list the To-199 Neophron, all HEMTT and Hunter variants, the Bobcat, the M2A1 and A4 Slammer, the T-100, the MBT-52 Kuma, the FV-720, the AMV-7 and the Panther for examples of vehicles without alternate camos. Those enough? :P


Question resolved tho, should have read the I & A code before.

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That is pretty sick and I have to say I have never seen the Gorgon one. If it's only there since I & A 3.2 then that explains why I have never seen that on the server. Am I the only one who hates looking at that file? I always use editor for sqf and this is one of the I & A files that comes unformatted in editor :-)

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