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Hello everyone


I'm relatively new to A3 and have been trying to play with a group of guys in a unit, but scheduling times have been bad as they are mostly in the US; so wanted to come and join in the fun at AW - are there regular groups, or do you just jump in as and when?




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Hi Jordan,

the servers are basically running 24/7 so you can hop onto them whenever you want to.:)


For the start I would recommend trying out the Invade&Annex Servers (EU1, EU2 and EU4). You can either search them by name (just search for AhoyWorld and you should find them) or you can join them by the IPs wich can be found here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/7987-ahoyworld-public-server-ips/

If you want to play with a few nice and small mods you can check out wich ones are allowed and find a link to how to install them here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/763-eu1-2-accepted-addons-repository-info/

And just to get everything covered: There are also a few rules but basically all of them are just common sense. But in case you want to check them out you can find them here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/8378-the-rules-of-ahoyworld/

Also we´ve got a Teamspeak server running wich can be found at: ts.ahoyworld.net

I hope you enjoy our servers and to see you soon on the battlefield!:)



Best regards


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What @Noah_Hero said. As long U do not break the rules like destroying assets or teamkilling, we can assure you that U will have a great time. If in doubt, U can approach players with (AW), (AW+) or (AW Staff) tags.


Once U are proficient enough on the public server(s), U might want to try AhoyWorld AWEU3 server. The repositoy is 18GB plus though.


U can also report players using this link: http://www.ahoyworld.net/pr

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1 hour ago, R_Jordan73 said:

Thanks for the welcome and heads up guys.


I will try the regular servers first - do you just join any random squad? 


Thanks again!


No problem at all! :)

Yes, just hop onto the server and select whatever role you want to.:)

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Hello and welcome to the forums.


You'll find if the servers are busy getting roles such as marksman and sniper will be difficult, but you can play any role as you wish as long as you don't ignore the primary function where needed (If a medic remember to revive nearby comrades, if a repair specialist heed nearby requests for repairs, if AT, take some AT with you etc)

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