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Flares/Countermeasures of MH-6 Littlebird ineffective

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Is there a way to change the countermeasures on the Littlebird? Currently the LWIRCM are very ineffective at actually fending off incoming missiles. More often than not it renders the CAS-LB useless as you practically get shot down with every incoming SAM.


As soon as you deploy the countermeasures it fires off those 120 LWIRCMs which might just keep one missile from hitting you but as soon as you get locked on a second time you will get hit and shot down. Even if the chaff/flares are still being auto-deployed.

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LWIRCM isn't anything like flares, it means Light Weight Infrared Countermeasures - Pretty much an electro magnetic countermeasure system, i don't want to go indepth but in basic words, it pulses electromagnetic waves trying to confuse the Infared guidance system on the rockets used by MANPAD's.


Sorry to say, that's how it works. And the only thing to do, is learn how to do evasive. Quite often I survive a few missiles, it's just the matter of understanding how the Countermeasures work. Littlebird is a helicopter made for special purpose and therefore it isn't as sturdy as say blackhawk or a merlin, it's not supposed to be, it's supposed to be as light and agile as possible, it isn't supposed to be used when enemies are known to have AA coverage, flares add to the weight, and trust me, you don't want it to be heavier than it is. I am happy that we at least have the Electro Magnetic Interference Countermeasure system, as in real life only the very special purpose Mission Enhanced Littlebird have any kind of advanced countermeasures. As, well, it's not really in need of any kind, because when used according to what it was made for, in the time it takes the enemy to lock it, it will be long gone and if it was the armed variant, the enemy manpads will be gone too.


My advice, train in using the speed and agility of the helicopter in addition with LWIRCM, to evade the threat, hide behind hills, turn hard and fly faster than enemies can track you. Appear, deliver democracy and freedom and dissappear again. That's what the Mission Enhanced Littlebird was made for. Don't rely on the electro magnetic jamming to work like flares, that you can just pop flying in a straight line and hope for the best. And if a lead tells you to do something else, just inform him, that he put you in the wrong helicopter. It's not the machine that is the problem, it's just used where it shouldn't be.


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Turn hard, don't be afraid to throw the heli around and dive for cover, ie hills, valleys etc... Chuck the coutermeasures on for good measure but always expect a second launch, and third and fourth for that matter.

As Miczils said the littlebird is not suited to being shot at so don't feel disheartened if you take a hit every so often.

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