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My name is Liviu but you can call me by the name ingame Kofenz, Im from romania last year in collage.So i've recently came back to arma 3 , becouse of the steam sales where i bought all the dlc. Now im trying to play something more realistic or hardcore persay. Hope i can join the EU3 server. 

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Hi Kofenz,

if you are looking for something more realistic/milsim-ish you will fit perfectly on to EU3 or AhoyWorld Enhanced (AWE) how it is called by now. For being able to join you will have to install quite a lot of mods but it is definitly worth it!:)


If you need help with installing everything feel free to ask! Also here you can find a guide on how to install the mods and tfar: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/3174-how-to-install-the-ahoyworld-enhanced-and-public-mods-install-tfar/

Also make sure to read and understand the Rules and Guidelines wich can be found together with a variety of other Guides (they are really helpfull if you are new to ACE and all that stuff!) here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/96-guides/

And finally you can find the server password here: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/8254-ahoyworld-aweeu3-server-ip-password/



Hope to see you soon on the battlefield

Noah_Hero :)

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Welcome! Don't forget to also try our other flavours of Arma such as the exotic taste of EU1. 

Hope to see you around!

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