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Gunship gunner issue



Hello, Dear forumlivers, and i have encountered a bit of problem during my I&A gameplay. Not sure if it is the forum to post it, so move it if something's wrong.

I have read a post from AW core st. here that gunship gunner may not be a pilot, tho as i tried to enter blackfoot's gunner slot, i have encountered a trouble. I can be in seat, tho I cannot switch to turret control camera, and turret is not following my reticle when in cockpit view. Tho, i can press LMB to fire cannons. I had an argue with a pilot of this BF, as a milsim server guner for >10 times, to prove that I did not mess up my bindnigs, i went into editor and flown around with AI in blackfoot, seamlessly cotrolling the gun. So, i figured this is some kind of lock on the serverside. 

To suggestion, i really want the lock to be disabled if it exests, because idea that repspec can be a co-pilot and a gunner is really good, along with not using one of VORTEX'es who can do something more useful.


Thanks, your annoying,


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If you were able to get into the gunner seat of a heli we do not lock anything else.  We do lock some gunner/copilot seats.  Mostly of helis that don't need/aren't allowed to have a gunner or copilot.

Examples of this are the unarmed xi'an.

Presuming here that you were trying to gun in the blackfoot, i can assure you that we do not run a script that in any way limits the stuff for the gunner.

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Rogur that, than maybe it was some arma glitch. Thanks for replies!


That is a thing I have never heard about before. Double-Alt was not the issue? Did you

  1. Run any mods
  2. Restart you game before testing it in the editor?

Literally nothnig worked, i could only move camera in halfof cockpit. Also,yeah, it seemed like if i was in freelook mode, but i checke about 10 times if it was so, and i wasnt.




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