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Opinions on TrackHat


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I got trackir clip on a cap. Like track hat. If u wanna go all in it's worth it. Just press 1 button to center cam if ur moving a lot while playing.



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I bought a track hat a few weeks ago now and its great! I went with this kit.


I had some teething problems at the start with attaching it to my headset (Logitech G430) with the included zip ties as it was a curved surface and didn't stay on. I fixed it by using velcro. Cut two strips of the velcro the same size and stuck it on. It works really well as I can leave it plugged in and just reach for it when I need to and stick it on.IMG_20170630_201846.thumb.jpg.cc11834c7829d9ffe58bc0268d6b9e5f.jpg


I've had a lot of success getting it to work in the different games (Arma3, BeamNG, Project Cars, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Train Sim 2017)

With arma, i haven't found it to work as well. I move around a lot (like karate) and it doesn't help with first person shooting, third person is fine (This is probably a settings problem and I just need to finetune). Other games it works amazing and it's definitely worth the money. The setup process isn't clear but it's not impossible, it may take you a few days to get each game mapped to a profile just how you want it. They are very helpful when I contacted them.


Overall I recommend thoroughly :)

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Personaly went for TrackIR. About being a restless and moving around a lot I just bound a key to center view and fidgeted around with the sensitivity curves in the software to find a setting that suits me. Basicaly set mine up so that there is a slight dead zone before the tracker applies movement to the screen.

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