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Buying some monitors


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See I wanted something 24" - bigger the better, eh? :P


Plus, budget can't be too high. I just wanted to treat myself but I ain't spending any more than £150 on a single monitor.



hmm yeah i see 280 pound times 3 is a bit too crazy indeed... nice toys though :P


I would have gotten 3, however my desk is not big enough for that.

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@Rarek  Mate you monitors are perfectly fine at the moment.

I currently use a Samsung SyncMaster S24B350. It has a 2ms refesh rate and it 1080p what more could I need...



Oh yea a second one. Currently using my TV as a second screen but its only 720p which kinda messes stuff up if I play a game which lowers the res on this monitor it pull everything on the other monitor over to the left or shuts it over the right!

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Dude! Ebuyer sucks, save yourself £13 overall if you do get three and actually rest safe in the knowledge that the product will make it to your house!



That monitor looks to be the best in it's price range.


Edit: I think you should split the money and buy a joystick and steering wheel personally, that way you can fly properly and join me in racing games!

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