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I know I'm probably the only person actually playing Raceroom Racing Experience in our community, but , you know, I gotta show off to someone


I'd like to direct you all to the following image, within you'll see my name (Fergus Carroll) and my gradual awesomingerness.


I am pleased to say that not only am I able to almost match my lap times in 3 different prototype series GT cars, I am also approaching the top 100 in the world for that particular track, that probably doesn't seem too awesome, but it is!



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Currently the 17th fastest British driver entered into the Simbin Spring Competition, sitting in 374th overall, prizes start at 110th place (€15) I'm still a way off 1st the place €500 with a +7.834s gap, but the top guys are Esports pros.


I reckon I could reduce my current time (2m 21.111s) down by around 2 seconds with more practice which would put my in 196th world wide and 8th in the UK, but while I know there is loads of time to be made up in the second  & third sector I also have to make sure I'm keeping the first sector super tight, I'm pretty sure I've squeezed most of the time I can get out of sector 1 unless I discover a new line through one of the corners!




Edit: got a 2m 20.036s putting me in 263rd overall and 10th in the UK. Only 153 more places until I can get a prize!


I need to improve the car setup to really get more out of the car now, I have only been running a shorter gear ratio and non standard brake balance so far, if I can get my head around camber and suspension my lap times should improve dramatically!

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Nice one dude, keep it up :D when I've got a little more money I wouldn't mind forking out for a g27 and coming to beat your arse! 

How far away is Assetto Corsa from release now? I haven't really kept track of that. 

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Oulton Park


YAY i have been around that track IRL :)


I love the way you can get so close to the track with your car and watch the races while sitting on the roof of your own car, i have never seen that before anywhere else :)


thumbs up for britisch racing !!

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Nice game, and well done fergie. I used to play racing sims with my logitech g25 (life for speed mostly, but also rfactor and gtr). Here's an old vid of me driving on lfs:



Ignore the way I kick the clutch on curves :P I did it because I felt the engine rpm were too low when coming out the curves, but later found out that it was making me slower. I've the g25 in my other house, if I ever get it here I'm up for some races.

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Here it is! A quick video of what it's like in R3E.


Unfortunately my Thrustmaster F430 wheel is -to put it politely- misbehaving, so this is actually a recording taken from a replay of me driving the Mistrel M530 around Bathurst on a hot lap in a personal record time of 1:55:118.


Because R3E is still technically in Open Beta there are a few issues here and there, in cockpit there is a lack of functioning LCD, also the steering wheel movements aren't accurate to how it actually is when live in game.


Additionally I have to admit that at 1:21 in the video, contact is made with the barrier that would in reality write-off the vehicle. This was driven in Get Real (sim) mode with manual sequential transmission.


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Well I was bored, and since Simbin have a new competition going I decided I'd post another lap video.


This time I did it live so the LCD works and the steering is 1:1 with my steering IRL. 


It's not the fastest time I can do, there is plenty of time to be found; I know Monza well but I'm not at all familiar with the Ferrari P4/5, which by all definitions is a complete deathtrap, it's without a doubt the hardest car I have a driven in this game so far, anything other than feather light throttle control is met with buckets of oversteer, the car fails to decelerate quickly under braking and there's a nasty tendency for it to under-steer through fast corners. Still, got within the top 400 on this lap.


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