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Tent Dome Backpack (Malden Update DLC)

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So after the Malden update, they have added a new backpack that can spawn a tent for players to respawn to. When I joined the AW server, it is also in the arsenal and I believe everyone can equip it because I tried equipping it and it worked and I even tried assembling it at the FOB and tried respawning there. So right now I don't really know if this is allowed or not because nobody has said anything about this new feature. Did they forgot or haven't noticed this yet and haven't removed it? Or do they really want us to use this?

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On 27/6/2017 at 11:54 AM, GamerbugUK said:


Maybe it allows the individual to use them?


It allows owner to respawn at it, any teammates have to be near you before you lay it down , for them to respawn at it, 


works fine, just the mission failed bug screen can pop up so once you log out it disappears 

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18 hours ago, fir_nev said:

No wonder I have seen tents littered everywhere in base. Been a month since I played ARMA due to the busy schedule during Ramadhan...


Yeah not been on for a while either, though not becasue of Ramadhan.


Why would the tents be littered at base? Base is a respawn point...

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