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Working on something new for AWE

What is your favorite combat enviroment?  

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  1. 1. If you were to pick your favorite enviroment to have a gun fight at, which would it be?

    • Urban enviroment
    • Desert enviroment
    • Tropical Enviroment
    • Mountain enviroment
    • Archipeligo enviroment
    • Tundra Enviroment

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So, after my gamenight which I could not attend unfortunately, I decided to up the difficulty for me and started to work on a bit of a larger project. before I continue however, I need to know what kind of environment the people of AWE enjoy the most.

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After evaluating all of the possibility let maps, I decided to bring Malden to the table which seemed to fit. I'll combine something old with something new :D.


Now don't get all hyped up, it is still somewhere between development and testing in, with Arma being Arma and the AWE vehicles not wanting to work with me all of the time it is gonna take a while. To add to that, I'll also be away for 2 weeks (10th to 24th)

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