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Log in on multiple devices disabled?


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Hey guys,


I have 3 devices I use to browse this forum: desktop computer, laptop and mobile phone (not using Tapa, but regular browser). Until about 1 or 2 weeks ago, I had no problem with being logged into this forum on all 3 at the same time, sometimes even using them simultaneously.


Now, however, that doesn't seem possible anymore, despite having the "Remember me" checkbox ticked. What happens if I log in on 1 device, is that all others get disconnected after about 5 - 15 minutes. Just to check, I did use Tapa a moment ago, and it too disconnects all other devices.

E.g. I'm now posting this from my desktop. This afternoon, I'll be away from home, so if I want to view the forum, I'll have to log in on my phone again. When I'm back home tonight and want to check on my desktop or laptop, I'll also have to log in again.


Because it's on 3 different devices with different OS (win7, win10 and iOS 10.3.2) and settings, I don't think it's a local problem, but just in case, I have already deleted cookies, cleared browser cache and history (on all devices). Unfortunately, as expected, that didn't help though.


If it's not some configuration in your forum software / code that's set incorrectly, any word of advice on what I could try next?

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Hey Eagle - I can't answer for sure - but the authentication cookie contains a session ID that changes per login. See screenshots attached.


I'm assuming that the second session ID is invalidated or (at least) subjected to more stringent inactivity checks once you log in on a new device.



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