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Is this ok or not ok?

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I debated with myself if I should comment on this or not, but most of people know when I have something to say I will say it even if people like or not.

So...here it goes:


In my opinion this kind of thing is clearly against the rules:

  • Not following command
  • Wasting assets (shooting rockets at a house when it could be cleared with guns)
  • Almost teamkilling by destroying a house where friendlies are near by


Its not the first time that I see support teams doing whatever they want and to be honest I'm kind of tired of that and for me that means less AWE hours and availability to play there.

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I agree, completely. People shouldn't be able to do whatever they want to because they hold a certain position in the community. Just because you have more symbols beside your name in TS, doesn't mean you can bend the rules to your liking. This is the sort of thing that is driving people away from AWE. If things like this continue to happen, and people continue to get away with it then we may as well get rid of the rules. They are there for a reason, when someone breaks them they should be punished, not just allowed to walk away. If we have rules on the server then they need to be enforced, otherwise people will walk away. I have heard rumors that people are beginning to look for other communities for this reason, and if people can't face their actions, then they should think before they do things. And also, they should be able to stand up to the fact that they ****ed up and deal with it, not hide what they did...

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Noticed the same pattern lately - unfortunately A LOT.


1) MAT filled even when not warranted
People log in lobby and have to see, that Aplha squad looks like Swiss cheese, yet they fill MAT.
Worse - sometimes fill MAT even when ASL is not present.


2) Overuse of HE.
MAT purpose is to deal primarily with enemy armored vehicles, not to play line-of-sight mortar support, unless SPECIFICALY instructed to by command.


3) Giving sh** about command structure
If you joined MAT - a support unit - when ASL is not present, then you are under command of Alpha1 Team Lead.
You are not independent kaboom squad.



I can't stress enough, how does presence of MAT on almost empty server discourages me from logging in as Teamlead, and I bet its the same for others who want to help with more organised gameplay.

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I was ASL during this op and all it seems MAT was upset at the quality of information they were getting (or not getting for that matter). It seems the behaviour in the video was a result of MAT being upset at the lack of communication - hear the opening comment in the video - "we've been left in the dark for so long I,m just leaving it."


If anyone has an issue with the amount of information they are getting they should speak up during the op and not act out like this. This incident resulted in ME getting a complaint, which I addressed with an Admin through the right channels. The rest of Alpha seemed OK with my communication and I didn't get any other complaints.


I agree with @kman. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour (not specific or limited to Moonfire) is becoming way too common on AWE and frankly, it's put me off from taking even a TL role, much less ASL (some might be happy about that!). However, it is limited to a few players. It's too bad that they are the "well known" guys, which makes them feel like it's ok to have fun any way they want but have very little regard for the rest of the community.

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In another community (milsim) I'm active in, such behaviour would result in a permanent ban with no chance of ever coming back...


Now, I know AWE aims for something in between public and milsim, so I'm not saying that extreme's the way to go for AW, but if it's apparently becoming such an issue that it puts people off from taking leader roles or even joining the server altogether, maybe it is worth considering (regardless of status or activity on the server), even if just to take back control of the situation and server?

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Context is king, and I don't know the context for a flying submarine or Off-road truck.


Such a thing shouldn't happen during normal play, and while I'd prefer it not happen - ever - on a live server; if an Admin was having a few laughs before everyone logs off for the night, that's certainly nowhere near the severity of the OPs situation.

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17 minutes ago, oO_ScarFace_Oo said:

Sat 24 21:01 GMT, Lythium Base, Teddy and i'm sure you're not blind. Happy


Messing around with Achilles. Was in relaxed down time in-between missions. This is totally off-topic though.

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Just now, oO_ScarFace_Oo said:

I mean didn't you show up late to the missions briefing for the recently spawned mission.


If you call about 30 seconds late, sure, if you're so bothered about the issue then come talk to me directly instead of doing it here.

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This thread is going off the rails, and here we are calling each other out on everything they ever did. Id recommend closing it.
I could say i saw quite a few of members/vet's/spartans/ambassadors/admins/ etc. say, do,  stupid stuff/disregard the rules etc., often with a reason, often not, yep, we all do it every now and then (recalling my stay in the community some year ago), and i have done quite a lot of that myself, I've learnt a little. In the end, it's a game, and yes i understand caring, discussing and enforcing the rules, but lets leave it a discussion please, because what this thread is becoming now is a war of "who has done more stupid shit" and how obviously everybody dislikes that. 

I may not agree with all the rules and their enforcement, but at the same time, i understand them & the thinking behind them, and well, if i can't change them, i try not to break them more than twice a day. Also, im sure that the ahoy-world staff knows about what happened/happens and deals with it, we don't need to all be judges of that and express our dislike/hatred/spite in a forum thread, yes he broke the rules, yes there is a longer story behind it, and yes Ahoy dealt with it, really, it's that simple.
But, as we all know, we aren't going anywhere with what is happening now, and id just like to ask everybody, to, please not hate each-other too hard, and if you really wan't to, at least do it in a fight-ring team-speak channel, in the end, it's just a game.
Next time file a report and get on.

Cheers Miczils
I should probably start counting dislikes^^

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