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AW I&A 2nd World-wide


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This won't be a long news article, but it is an important one.

Since it's creation on the first day of the ArmA 3 Alpha, Invade & Annex has received an incredible reception. Played on over 70 servers and our own server now stretching over 15,000 hours played collectively by its members (that's 1.7 years), the Ahoy World staff is absolutely ecstatic.

With our server being played so heavily and, as a lot of members are aware, regularly having to wait a long time to even get in, we've soared up the server leaderboards. Today we've hit #2. In the ArmA 3 global community we're #2, only surpassed by a 50-slot "Life" server; a long-running ArmA II game-mode ported straight over from the old engine.

We here at Ahoy World would just like to express our thanks; the absolute enthusiasm and helpfulness of all of our members is staggering and I'm proud of this community with all of you in it. A solid amount of you come on TeamSpeak and have a chat and are already becoming pillars of the community, which leads me on to my final point.

Most of us have jobs and so, understandably, we can't be on anywhere near as much as we'd like. After the popularity of Ahoy World grew, a jerk reaction was to hire some "Honourary Administrators" from across the globe to keep tabs on the server while we were away. Another huge thank you goes out to all of you who have been administrating the server and keeping it clean.

I personally haven't spoken to all of you, but a few will be aware that I linger around in the evening, breaking the mission and claiming to be "developing" it. I thank you all for playing on the server, coming here and registering and generally taking part in the community. It's fantastic to see Ahoy World grow with such good members in its grasp. Keep on keepin' on and I'll see you on the battlefield.

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