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New and looking to record for Youtube


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Hello, my name is ADreamLight. (Ingame: Tanner) and I am asking for some information for how the servers run, since I am going to be joining a Zues mission on the upcoming 2 events. I am already in the steam group, I was just wondering whether or not I need to know anything important like how it all goes down, and if there are any tips on how to get good footage (I'm into realism and cinematic shots) while in game that would be great. (I use ingame Nvidia recording at 1080, 60fps). Also I am wondering what the TS is. Thanks.




PC Specs: i7 Core processor, GTX 970, (1060 in laptop if preferred for experience) 32 GB of ram, 600W Battery, GamerStorm Water Cooling, Corsair YellowJacket (I think) Gaming Headset.

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hm.. you mean your joining in on this weekends Zeus missions?


Well, I am not quite sure how you want to be capturing footage outside of your gameplay. During these missions you will be of course playing in a team and wont really have time to be running around playing War Photographer.

If you are recording (which is great. You can often capture unique moments during playing) stick to first person as much as possible, it just looks better in 90% of the time. The back of a virtual mans head isn't to interesting and ruins any cinematic shot. 

Graphics wise you need to just test it out. In my opinion you can't rely on good hardware for having great graphics and FPS on AWE. Just try AWE out during normal hours and see how far you can push your machine. 

I am not too sure about TS. I believe NVIDIA Shadowplay -should- record the TS with it but better you test it out! While in TS I believe you can set yourself a "Recording" Status but I would have to check. If so, its good to let everyone in your channel know they are being recorded :)


Tips during the gamenight? hm...

I'd say do anything that dosen't harm the mission. Don't go taking pics during a gunfight while your teammates are engaging 6 Infantry Squads and a BTR all while being down to their last mags. :P

I think a good time to go picture hunting is probably during Infantry downtimes. Helorides, FOB time, anything where you are ordered to lower your guard or are waiting around. Then you can go looking for nice snapshots of scenery or let your Teammates pose!


Hope this is the answer you were looking for. 





EDIT: No sadly there is only a Streaming Server Group you can set yourself too. So maybe just put [RECORDING] or similar behind your name while in TS :)



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For the cinematic side of life I would recommend heading to the editor and opening up the zeus mission (will be downloaded when you join the mission, quick google search or ask on TS). As for anything you need to know, don't be stupid. As long as you stay in line everything will be fine :). As for how the servers run Im not sure if you mean in general or on a zeus gamenight, so I will say both. EU 1, 2 and 4 are all organized chaos. Go and do what you want within the ruleset. EU3 is a more tactical version of the previous three. On here we use a large modset and play in squads and actually use tactics. On EU6, the MSO happens every Friday. This is where EU3 is taken to the next level. Its as much milsim as you can find here and has things like first person lock etc. to add to the feeling of milsim. As for gamenights, you read the post where they were announced and do what the staff says and do what the gamenight host says. Other than that, I hope to see you around and hope you have fun here :D

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