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Combat Patrol! First Impressions

JJ Cakes

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I moved to dev branch to see what Combat Patrol! was all about and here's what I noticed:


* There's a bunch of AO's on the map and which AO you assault is democratically elected


* The official BI servers support 12 players


* You spawn in pretty close to the AO, engagements seem to happen at or under 300m


* You can select role, but not loadout.  I played as a autorifleman and squad leader and it was iron sights for the former and a holosight for the latter.  So magnified optics might be limited to marksmen.


* I noticed that there's limited respawns.  Nobody was on the server I was on so not sure if those limits are individual or squad based.  My guess is squad per AO.


* Being engagements seem to happen within 300m of the enemy, expect a ton of EI fire.


* It was good fun, forces the player into a dangerous situation instead of sniping outside of AI range. 


There's also an "escape" mode where your team needs to exfil with an "overwhelming force" looking for you as part of the upcoming update but I didn't give that a whirl.  Might be fun as well.

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